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Building Damage June 10, 2021

June 11, 2021

July 16, 2021

Hi Everyone.  Just an update on construction for repairs in the building. The company has started on the Wheatland Dining room to repair walls, take down wall paper, followed by repainting. Legacy dining room will follow. There was minimal damage to the walls in legacy dining room. Once the wall has been repaired, wall paper will be removed, and the dining room repainted. Hopefully by then the landscaping and improved drainage around Pineview will be completed and construction can start there.  The roof has been repaired over Pineview Neighborhood. Once the walls have been replaced the area will be repainted   

Work has already begun on he roof and will required continue repairs to both the roof and the HVAC system. Both contractors, who are working on the roof, have been long standing with Bethel and know the roof and HVAC system very well. The HVAC system is working, but there was significant damage done from the hail and the wind.   

As stated above improved landscaping and drainage is required around both PineView and Horizon Towers. This had been done before, but is required again.  

Please if you should have any questions you can call Tami Peterson. I will send out weekly updates so you are aware of the progress.   

Thank you and have a wonderful and safe weekend. 

June 24, 2021
Update on the damage from the storm on June 10th, 2021:  Clean up continues in the building by the restoration company. They have completed the PineView neighborhood and Wheatland dining room. Construction company has been contacted and will be on site early this week. Bethel remains in contact with the North Dakota Department of Health to update on situation and for guidance. Adjustments have been made on Horizon Towers third floor, where some of the residents from PineView were transferred, to develop seating area, quiet area, and a dining area. There has been damage to the roof of the main part of the building, including roof, ducting, vents, etc. Some repairs for the roof were completed and the HVAC system on the roof was checked on Friday, June 11th, 2021.  Further repairs are required on the roof and will be completed at a later date. Please if you should have any questions let your Social Worker know. Bethel will keep you updated on repairs being completed.

June 11, 2021:

Hi Everyone. I hope this finds everyone safe after the storms. Bethel Lutheran Nursing & Rehabilitation Center wanted to update everyone on the status of the building. With the amount of rain received last night and continue to receive has resulted in various areas of the building having water. Our Alzheimer’s unit (Pineview) and first floor horizon towers were affected the worst. Residents from Pineview were moved to Nelson Manor last night and will be relocated to Horizon towers third floor until PineView can be re-opened again. First floor horizon tower is utilized for storage. There continues to be water coming in at this time. Bethel has been in contact with the North Dakota department of emergency preparedness to discuss situation. Bethel will be receiving some additional staff to help monitor the residents on third floor and to also assist with vacuuming up water. Service First is on sight assisting with clean up. All other resident rooms in building do not have any ceiling leaks except for four rooms on horizon towers. These leaks have been able to be contained. Social services is making phone calls to these families. If anything should change Bethel will send a notification out. Please notify social services if you should have any questions. Thank you

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