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Facility Wide Testing

May 1, 2020


“Hi Everyone.  Bethel Lutheran Nursing & Rehabilitation Center received notification today that we will be retesting for COVID-19 for all care levels (skilled, basic, and assisted living) on Wednesday, May 27th, 2020 from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.  Regular testing for COVID-19 for residents and staff is recommended by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services, President Trump, and Governor Burgum to be proactive in the fight against COVID-19.  As you know with our last testing we were able to identify residents who were asymptomatic with COVID-19.  The North Dakota Department of Health has changed some of the processes since the last testing and we are hoping with the improvements made we should receive results within 48 hours.  If we should receive a COVID-19 positive result all of you will be immediately notified. Preventative measures that have been and continue to be in place:  visitor restriction, all new admissions from hospital have a COVID-19 test prior to admission with a negative result before can be admitted, all new admissions are placed in contact/droplet precautions for 14 days, all non-essential resident appointments have been canceled and/or telemedicine session is completed, If a resident requires an xray/clinic appointment they wear a mask as well as the provider and are immediately roomed to minimize exposure, if a resident requires an emergency room visit, but no admission they are placed on contact/droplet precautions for 7 days, all residents in facility have their temperature and oxygen saturation completed two times per day with symptom check for COVID-19, all staff in facility are wearing surgical masks/visor/gown, residents who are able wear a mask when out of room or when staff are in their rooms, prior to staff entering the building they complete a symptom check for COVID-19 and a temperature check and if ill do not enter the facility, all break areas and resident lounge areas have been set up to ensure 6 feet social distancing, no communal dining, no congregating activities, only essential staff enter building, minimized floating of staff to other neighborhoods, monitoring is being conducted on hand hygiene/application and removal of protective equipment/maintaining of 6 feet social distancing/wearing of masks/screening of employees.  Again if we should receive any positive COVID-19 results we will notify you within 12 hours of results.    


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