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Family item drop off process-instructions for Families

May 5, 2020

Family item drop off process-Instructions for Families.                                                      

-Families are allow to drop off starting January 18, 2021.

-Drop off times are:

-Tuesdays 7-8pm

-Thursday 1-3pm

-Saturday 1-3pm

-These are the only times allowed for items to be drop off.

-Families are to go back to receiving to drop off items. Receiving is locate on the southwest corner of the building. Drive in the alley behind Simonson’s, KFC, Fischer Chiropractic, Rice Bomb, and F &F sprinkler and you will see a garage door by a dumpster this is where receiving is located. Set ONE cardboard box down on the sidewalk by the garage door (which is receiving).

-A staff member will ask you from 6 feet away your name, the resident to which the items will be delivered too, and what the items are in the box. This will be recorded for our records.

-Please label the box with the date, your name, and the resident’s name. All items will sit in receiving for 72 hours (3 days) so keep this in mind when putting things in the box.

- Please stay 6 ft. away from our staff member at all times. Do not attempt to bring items into receiving, if the box is heavy maintenance will come to assist.  

-The box will be left in receiving for 72 hours (3 days) and then activities will pass the items out to the residents via their assigned neighborhoods. Maintenance can also assist.

 -If there are larger items i.e. a picture, it can be marked with a sticky note and left for 72 hours then delivered.

 - Perishables can be given to the residents on the day received.     

-All boxes will be sprayed with Lysol upon arrival.

-Please be respectful of the process as our main goal is to keep COVID out of the building and keep your loved one safe.                                                     


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