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Weekly Updates

March 31, 2020

May 22, 2020 Update:

Dietary - Pineview and Horizon Towers are having their meals in their dinning rooms being mindful of maintaining 6 feet social distancing.  Legacy/Harmony/Wheatland continue with meal service in their rooms.

Food Service Manager has been working with distributor in ordering of items.  Less changes in menu have been required as more food items are available and/or Bethel has ordered extra to have in stock.

Activities - Bethel is working on preparing 6 foot tables with plexiglass in the middle to maintain safety during resident/family visits as well as to enhance the experience. Once this is completed families will be notified to set up outside visits. 


       - Facility wide testing for both residents and staff will be completed on 05/27/2020 from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

       - Minimal changes have occurred over the last month. Bethel continues to follow the recommendations received from the North Dakota Department of Health.

      - Bethel attends weekly meetings with the North Dakota Long Term Care Association and North Dakota Department of Health to remain abreast of COVID-19.

      - Bethel continues to work with the North Dakota Strike Team since positive COVID-19 results were obtained.

Have a safe and wonderful Memorial weekend.  Remember to social distance 6 feet, frequent hand hygiene, and wearing a cloth mask.  God Bless you all.

April 24, 2020 Update:

Dietary: There have been minor changes in the menu related to difficulty in obtaining certain items.  Bethel is working directly with distributor via phone on a daily basis for obtaining supplies.

Activities update:

Present activities being completed in the facility:

  • One to one visit- we are using the IPads for virtual tours, playing games, playing videos. Talking with residents, reading devotionals or scripture with them.

  • Facetime and Skype calling- we have been averaging around 10 to 20 calls throughout the week, that number is increasing every week.

  • Phone calls- residents that have their own phones are talking to their family almost daily. We have cell phones on the neighborhoods that residents have access to also.

  • Window visits- we have families that have been utilizing the window visits on the warmer days. We bring the cell phone up for family to be able to talk with the resident. Have also had a group come and put hearts on resident windows and write words of encouragement on them.

  • Tic-Tac-Toe- we have some intense tic-tac-toe games with people from the community through the windows.

  • Pet visits- have had a group come and walk their dogs around the outside of the facility for residents to see.

  • Coffee hour- each neighborhood has a coffee cart that goes through around 2pm- we are able to bake cookies, pop popcorn, make pizzas on the neighborhoods. We also get ice cream from the ice cream parlor for our residents that would visit it daily and also for a treat for others throughout the week.

  • Bingo- we are doing hallway bingo’s or for the neighborhoods that are able to social distance with their dining rooms they are able to play throughout the week.

  • Crafts- we are doing crafts throughout the week; we have a very crafty staff member that helps us with this.

  • Outside- with the weather warming up we are able to take a few residents out, with staff staying with them and maintaining the social distance.

  • TV- we are streaming more on Netflix and YouTube for residents that are requesting something more than the television in their rooms.

  • Visiting- for residents that would visit each other in our activity room, we have used facetime for them to visit them.


New Updates:

     - There will be widespread testing of both residents and staff in long term care.  The North Dakota Department of Health will be notifying facilities of testing dates.  Once Bethel is made aware of the date residents, resident representatives, and staff will be notified. To date Bethel has test 11 resident/staff members for the COVID-19.  All results have come back negative.

     - The North Dakota Department of Health has added to their website reporting of positive COVID-19 results in long term care facilities. The "case count" number contains both staff and resident who have tested positive. To access this information please click on this website

     - Today Bethel has received several pieces of personal protective equipment from the North Dakota Department of Health medical cache. Thank you!!!

     - Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic Bethel has been working with the North Dakota Department of Health Center for Disease Control on a case by case situation to ensure care provided maintained the safety of both residents and staff.

     - Soon the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) will require long term care facilities to report positive COVID-19 residents and staff. Bethel has already been utilizing this system to report other infections. The plan is that this will start sometime next week.

Bethel realizes how difficult this has been on all involved (residents, resident representatives, and staff). We so much appreciate your continued understanding and patience throughout this time. We all have the same goal, which is to prevent the COVID-19 from entering the building (or for as long as possible). Please stay safe and follow guidelines at home as instructed.  If you should have any questions or concerns please let us know.  Thank you.



April 10th, 2020

Dietary Update 4/10/20 : As a follow-up to our last update, our food service supervisor re-visited  residents and they wish to continue with the menus that include their favorite comfort foods – so, we will do so.

As Easter approaches, we thought you might enjoy knowing what our Easter menu looks like. 

Our Easter breakfast will include an Easter Egg (decorated by our residents), bacon and a caramel roll, in addition to, cereal and juice.

A special dinner includes Chicken Cordon Bleu, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, Roll and a Key Lime Tart.  Pie will be served with our lighter supper meal.

Although Easter is atypical this year, we all need to take a minute to count our blessings.  Each and everyone of our residents is a blessing to us, as we know they are to you - their family.  Have a blessed Easter!

Activities 04/10/2020:

We are continuing with Facetime and Skype calls with families. There is more baking on the neighborhoods, i.e.: cookies, pizzas, grilled cheese sandwiches, popcorn. We are delivering ice cream from the ice cream parlor. We are doing one to one visit with a majority of the residents. We have had a few visits through our windows with families and some exciting games of Tic-Tac-Toe!!! We will be coloring Easter Eggs this afternoon. With the weather getting nicer we are able to get residents outside throughout the day, just to feel the sun on our faces makes a difference. We have been doing crafts on each neighborhood every week. And, of course we are managing to get Bingo played on each neighborhood throughout the week.


From the staff at Bethel, thank you so much for your continued understanding and patience as we go through this pandemic process.  We appreciate families, staff, and the resident's understanding as we are following the guidance given from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), North Dakota Department of Health, Governor Burgum, and President Trump. The goal is to prevent the COVID-19 from entering our building. We, just as you, have the residents safety as the utmost importance in mind. Thank you for abiding to the guidelines. We know this has been hard on everyone.  

Have a Blessed and safe Easter.



March 31, 2020:

Dietary Update: Our food service supervisor was out visiting with residents this week and they expressed a wish for more of their menus favorites. As they put it, more “comfort foods”.

As a trial, starting 3/30/20 we have changed the menu to add their most requested entrees, such as Ham & scalloped potatoes, Roasts with whipped potatoes & gravy, Macaroni & cheese, Shepard’s pie, Tater tot casserole, and Meat balls.  I know in times of change and stress we all revert to what we know and love – hopefully this adds a little sunshine to their day!


We have been doing video calls with families through Facetime and Skype. We also have cell phones on the neighborhoods that we can use for the residents to use to call their families also. For those that don’t have access to video calling we are also able to do window visits with families. We are able to get residents into small groups and have been able to play bingo and some games. We have been cooking on the neighborhoods with our cookie oven, pizza oven and hot dog cooker. We have also been making popcorn. We have been visiting one to one with more residents, some have been working on photo album’s and sorting pictures, scrapbooking and reading scriptures. Devotions are being done on each neighborhood throughout the week.  We are playing movies throughout the day, along with TV shows some residents would enjoy watching that they can’t get on their TV. With weather getting nicer we are getting residents out for fresh air.


From the staff at Bethel, thank you so much for your understanding and patience as we travel down this new road for us.  This is an everchanging process and we appreciate families, staff, and the resident's flexibility as new guidance is implemented multiple times a day and we are doing the best we can to keep up!  Thank you thank you from the bottom of our hears!!  Here are a few things:

-Staff are now wearing masks every day while in the facility.

-We are accepting homemade masks at this time.  We are not wearing them yet but we are keeping them for down the road.

-We are also taking any masks that we could purchase or that could be donated.

Again thank you for your prayers, love, and support. Stay safe.

The Bethel Staff


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